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    Fire extinguisher and building fire protection training for any size facility!

  • A typical training session is 15-20 minutes with an average group size of 15

  • The Fire Triangle/ Tetrahedron Types/ Classes of Fire.
  • How to Extinguish a Fire / Basic Fire Prevention.
  • We can also go over the other types of Fire Systems that are in your facility and demonstrate basic operation of each one.
  • Practical Demonstration, including allowing all employees to use an extinguisher. "Outdoors and hands on".
  • Certificate of Completion provided to all attendees after completion.
  • Extinguisher and Fire System Types

  • Special requests and or additional information relevant to training

  • Please provide all information required in order to receive an accurate cost for your training session.
  • Regional Fire Services Inc. conducts fire extinguisher and building fire protection training for any size facility. Training is aimed at all employees. The training can be customized for your individual needs. Duration and costs depend on the size of the groups chosen as well as other needs specified by you.


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